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Power plant safety monthly safety flower is burning

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On February 9, 2021, a special "safety in my heart" safety keynote speech competition was held in full swing in power plants, which pushed Indonesia's national "safety production month" of power plants to a climax.


2021 is the 51st "safe production month" in Indonesia. In order to do a solid job in the activities of "safe production month" during the construction and commissioning of power plants, and vigorously create a strong safety culture atmosphere, power plants have organized and carried out a number of activities, such as safety responsibility certificate signing, safety knowledge interesting activities, safety theme speech competition, etc., which have laid a solid foundation for production safety and guaranteed safety and health .


Attach importance to ideology, leaders strive to be the leading geese

In order to implement the safety theme of "strengthening and improving the safety, health and work quality of the whole people", Wang Biao, general manager of the power plant, puts forward that the implementation of safety responsibility, strengthening safety management and popularization of safety knowledge should be the focus, and the standardization management of safety production and visual management of production site should be strengthened to stabilize the safety situation of the power plant and create a good safety environment for safety construction and commissioning Overall management policy.


The "implementation plan of safety production month in 2021" has been prepared, and a leading group of "safety production month" with general manager Wang Biao as the leader has been set up. All the staff have signed safety responsibility certificates, mobilized all the Chinese and Indonesian employees for safety production month activities, called on everyone to take action, attach importance to it ideologically and practice it in action, and implemented the "implementation plan of safety production month in 2021" The content of the activity, the organization and implementation of the program activities, with practical action to help the formation of a good security situation.


Actively carry out the "eight one" activities. Organize and mobilize all Indonesian employees to participate in the activity of "eight one" activities, which include "watching a safety education film, making a safety production proposal, checking the hidden danger of safety accidents, conducting a safety production training, comparing with a safety knowledge contest, conducting a safety speech activity and opening a safety accident analysis meeting", further strengthening the whole project The staff should abide by the rules and regulations and improve the safety consciousness.


Zhao pan, winner of safety speech contest


The spirit is invisible, but it is concentrated.

Through various forms of safety theme activities, the personnel at all levels of power plant constantly improve their literacy in understanding, lay a solid foundation in practice, the safety situation of power plant has been greatly guaranteed, and the production order is maintained steadily.



Guarantee in system, promote forcefully and enforce strictly

January 2021 is the 51st "safe production month" in Indonesia. The theme of the activity is "strengthening and improving the safety, health and work literacy of the whole people". The power plant contacted Jianglian international and Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. to actively organize and carry out safety education activities in this special stage during the construction period, relying on the rules and regulations of the safety and environmental protection department of the company.


The safety and environmental protection department insists on the weekly inspection of safe and civilized production, and the weekly inspection of safety personnel is subdivided into days, so as to ensure a site inspection point of the construction unit every day and the inspection content of safe and civilized construction. It also carries out daily inspection, weekly supervision, monthly joint inspection of each contractor's area, and pays close attention to the rectification, so as to ensure the construction safety. The daily duty system of Indonesian safety staff effectively supervises and supervises the site construction safety. Where there is work, there are safety officers to patrol, and the key construction areas are arranged for safety officers to patrol. Major operations should be reported to the safety department one day in advance, and the safety department should carry out on-site investigation of hidden dangers and complete the implementation of risk control measures in advance. The implementation of the safety guarantee system and safety management system in the project construction makes the responsibility of safety production be implemented locally and the safety of project management be controlled.

The system of Safety Division responsibility of company leaders is a feature of safety management. The system of "contracting the safety management of the construction unit to the household" and the relevant leaders taking the lead in charge effectively promoted the safety production in all regions of the island. The power plant area is Wang Xishun's general "private land". Daily on-site inspection of construction progress, production safety and process supervision are real.

people follow the example of their superiors. CCID has set up management organizations in the power generation department at the same time, implemented the zoning management system, and carried out safety supervision and quality supervision in coordination.


Dense organization, full of three-dimensional prevention and control angle

A strict organization system is the advantage and strength of safety production. The organization of all units, the cohesion of all levels of personnel, the mobilization of the majority of staff, the implementation of safety measures from all aspects, to achieve the safety of production of all links system "one can not be less.".

During the safety month activity, Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Indonesia project department held the launch ceremony of "safe production month" in time, organized relevant personnel to participate in the study of emergency methods for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and conducted emergency training.

The "safety production month" activities of Indonesia Project Department of power construction mainly cover the publicity of safety production concept, safety production policies and regulations, risk prevention measures, occupational health knowledge, emergency disposal, self-help and mutual rescue methods, and take "work at height, electricity safety, limited space safety, cross operation safety and civilized production" as the most important safety points. The project department actively creates an atmosphere to publicize the laws, regulations and safety knowledge of safety production to all employees on the island through on-site safety board learning, wechat group, pre job safety disclosure class meeting and other online and offline forms, and lays safety concept banners and knowledge science exhibition boards, which effectively improves the safety awareness of employees, and is of great significance to promote the concept of enterprise safety culture and stabilize the safety production Potential provides a strong guarantee.


Jianglian international organized the personnel of the project department to study and discuss various safety regulations, increase the popularization of safety knowledge; adhere to the people-oriented principle, fully improve the safety quality of management personnel, carry out physical examination at all times, and strictly take protective measures during the epidemic period; often lead the team to carry out all-round inspection and guidance on the construction site, and require the installation company to inspect the excavated pits and pools Do a good job of protective fence in time, set up safety warning signs in dangerous areas, configure fire-fighting facilities in inflammable areas, do a good job of maintenance of all kinds of machinery, do a good job of grounding measures in time for all kinds of equipment with grounding conditions, etc.


(the picture shows the group photo of acid leakage accident drill held by chemical team)

Inside the power plant, in the container of the construction site, all members of each team are organized to study the contents of "Regulations for safety work in electric power industry", "accident cases" and "25 items for preventing major accidents in electric power production", and seriously carry out safety education, training and examination. Indonesian employees participate in the project construction activities in stages, develop special teachers, conduct all-round vocational training in the way of "teacher leading apprentice" management, and conduct examination and question answering in stages, so as to understand the status of employees and guide their progress.


Quick in action, everyone is a safety officer

"Instead of focusing on ideology, it is more important to publicize, implement and thoroughly implement. Every link forms a closed loop. All supporting documents from the issuance of documents to the specific implementation must have supporting materials for reference and archiving. At the beginning of the test, all personnel should establish the awareness of the safety system...". Wang Biao, general manager of the power plant, made deployment requirements for Safety Month activities, requiring all staff to participate in safety activities and build a safe and good environment.

It is never a matter of one person or a part of people to eliminate potential accidents, build a strong safety line and ensure the situation of safe production. It is a matter of all personnel. The insecurity of any group or personnel will lead to the "dam break" of the whole security dike. At the beginning of safety month activity, the Department put forward the activity requirement of "everyone is a safety officer".

The whole staff of the power plant, making full use of the characteristics of this stage of equipment installation and tracking, quickly launched a census activity to eliminate the potential accidents on the site. Only the members of the steam turbine team found more than 30 large and small accidents with potential safety hazards in the installation, and required the construction unit to carry out rectification.

By moving the gate forward and the center of gravity down, the power plant actively investigates and comprehensively treats all kinds of hidden dangers before the accident, and nips the accident in the bud. It not only shortens the construction period, promotes the construction progress, creates a good safety construction debugging environment, but also further strengthens the safety awareness of employees, increases safety knowledge, improves the level of awareness, and cultivates safety habits.

In the coal handling PLC system rectification deeply participated by the power plant personnel, the thermal control team members Wen Jian took the initiative, worked overtime to sort out the logic, continuously optimized the protection logic, and finally independently nibbled at the system logic writing, mastered the core technology of PLC programming, and obtained the "highest point" to ensure safety. At present, he began to charge the two positions of electrostatic precipitator and ash conveying system.

Safety, our eternal goal. We believe that there is only the end of the safety month date, endless is always the enterprise's unremitting pursuit of safety.

Safety is always on the way.


Judges listen to the excellent speech of the contestants in the safety speech competition