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Major progress of LYGEND Indonesia ObI island hpal project

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At 8:00, Indonesia Eastern time on March 15, with Zhang Baodong, the general manager of LYGEND OBI project and HPAL site, giving the order of "start feeding", 10 dumpers loaded with high-quality nickel ore drove slowly to the No. 3 feeding port of HPAL raw material workshop in turn, and then trucks of nickel ore poured down. The two drum washing machines, four trough scrubbing machines and two ball mills participated in the test run roared together The first batch of limonite pulp was successfully produced by feeding, washing, grading and grinding.

Multiple processes




                                   Ore washing







The feeding ceremony was simple and grand, and was presided over by Shi Wentang, the site deputy general manager of hpal company. The relevant leaders and staff representatives of the owner hpal company, the construction unit Baoye company, the design unit ENFI company and the supervision unit saidI company attended the ceremony. He Hengguang, the project manager of Baoye, Chen Zai, the project manager of CCID, and Pak Rico, the highest leader of HPAL Indonesian, delivered speeches and made statements. Finally, Zhang Baodong, the general manager of LYGEND OBI project and the general manager of HPAL, delivered a warm and inspiring speech.


Mr. Zhang said that the construction of LYGEND Indonesia OBI island hpal project took two years. We should not only overcome the difficulties in material procurement and logistics, personnel organization, design and construction faced by overseas construction, but also overcome the extreme challenges brought by the once-in-a-century global epidemic and the super long rainy season on OBI island. Despite the difficulties, the limonite ore feeding and pulping that we have been looking forward to for a long time is finally realized today! This is the result of the joint efforts and hard work of all our construction personnel, and also the result of the support and help of the leaders of LYGEND group, general manager Cai, general manager Jiang and Indonesian patrner! In the process of construction, we have received strong support from leaders of Shanghai Baoye, China ENFI, MCC saidI, TBP and other relevant units. Our efforts are not in vain and the results are hard won. On behalf of all the management on site, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and employees who care, support and participate in the project construction! At the same time, we must clearly realize that limonite feeding pulping is only the first step of the pilot production of the project, and there are still a lot of work behind, which will be more difficult and demanding. We hope that you can avoid arrogance and rashness, recognize the task, organize carefully, pay attention to details, strictly implement various systems and regulations, carefully organize production test run, ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, and continue to achieve the general goal of trial production with materials at the end of April this year as scheduled in the spirit of "striving for excellence and endless diligence"!