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New List of Top 20 Ningbo Overseas Private Enterprises

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"The average annual salary of graduates stationed in Indonesia's manufacturing sector is 150000 yuan, including metallurgical engineering, electrical automation, chemical engineering and other majors." This morning, HR Director of Ningbo Lygend Resources reported a series of recruitment information. At the beginning of the new year, Ningbo Lygend Resources has launched the campus recruitment in 2021. It is expected to recruit 107 new graduates, of which 89 are only assigned to work in Indonesia.

As the main force of global investment, trade and technological innovation, multinational companies occupy the commanding heights of global resource technology and value chain, and often represent the economic development level of a region or a country. Nowadays, with the development of Ningbo's open economy, a group of private multinational companies with increasing international influence, represented by Lygend Resources, are accelerating their growth.

A few days ago, the office of Ningbo open economy leading group issued a document officially announcing the top 20 multinational enterprises of Ningbo local private enterprises in 2020. This is an important measure for our city to actively respond to the national "double cycle" development strategy, encourage enterprises to give full play to their comparative advantages through internal and external connectivity, and accelerate the embedding of global industrial chain and supply chain.


It is reported that the list integrates the index data of overseas assets, overseas revenue, overseas employees, overseas profits, overseas expansion, driving feedback and innovation growth of enterprises, scores the international development ability, transnational operation level, transnational operation performance and innovation growth of enterprises according to the weight ratio, and finally evaluates them comprehensively according to the score, which objectively reflects our country The transnational operation of citizen run enterprises.

The top 20 enterprises on the list are mainly concentrated in the automobile manufacturing, textile and clothing, resource development, equipment manufacturing, household appliances and stationery industries, and they are the representatives of advantageous industries and powerful enterprises in our city. The motives of overseas investment of these enterprises are diverse, including natural resource seeking, technology, brand, management and market seeking.


According to statistics, the average transnational index of top 20 enterprises in 2020 is 31.7%, which is significantly higher than the average transnational index of China's top 100 multinational companies in 2020 by 16.1%, and also higher than the average transnational index of Zhejiang's top 50 local private enterprises in 2020 by 28.74%.

According to the data, the total overseas assets of the top 20 enterprises in 2019 are US $13.306 billion, the overseas revenue is US $15.495 billion, the number of overseas employees is 123000, the export is US $1.473 billion and the import is US $2.226 billion driven by the overseas enterprises, the tax on our city is RMB 12.202 billion, and the tax on the host country is US $278 million.

"These data fully reflect the positive results of our city's active integration and allocation of global resources, seizing the international market and advanced technology to enhance the international core competitiveness of enterprises, driving the import and export trade and the return of technology, capital and talents, and feeding back the parent enterprises and our city's economic development through the linkage development at home and abroad." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said.