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TESLA Battery Date Announces: Cost for Battery Will Be Reduced by 56%

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Tesla held a "battery technology day" on September 22, us time. CEO Musk had previously said that the products released on Tesla battery day would not be able to achieve mass production until 2022. Just before the "battery day" held, Tesla CEO Musk suggested that the market should not overestimate the impact of "battery day".

With the battery day activity going on, Tesla US stocks rose more than 5% in after hours, but then fell, and the current decline has expanded to more than 7%.


[Musk: Tesla will double the diameter of the battery]

The Tesla battery size has increased from 1865 to 2170 (the first two numbers are diameter and the last two are length) and will now increase to "4680," Musk said. The new "4680 battery" will take about a year to reach 1 gigawatt capacity, but Tesla is considering increasing it to 2 gigawatts a year. Just changing the shape factor can reduce the cost per kilowatt hour by 14%, but Tesla has not yet done so. The design of the electrodeless ear will make the electronic travel path shorter and solve one of the biggest problems of increasing the diameter of the battery. This makes it easier, faster and continuous production of battery modules. The energy density of the new "4680" battery is increased by 5 times, the range is increased by 16%, and the power is increased by 6 times. At the same time, the speed of Tesla battery production line is increased by 7 times due to solving the problem of continuous production.

[Musk: new raw silicon materials will be used to make batteries] Musk said that we will use new raw silicon materials to make batteries on a large scale. The raw silicon anode process costs only $1 / kWh and increases the range by 20%.

[no cobalt at all! Tesla will use 100% nickel batteries in energy intensive models] Musk announced that they will switch from cobalt to nickel. This solves the problem raised earlier. It can also improve efficiency. In the energy intensive model (cybertruck / semi), Tesla will use 100% nickel support, while other models will use a combination of nickel and other chemicals. This ensures that mass production is possible. Musk again reiterated that he wanted more people to mine nickel.

[Musk: Tesla plans to halve the cost of making batteries] Musk said they would build a car at a reasonable price, but the cost of batteries had to be reduced. The early progress was good, but the downward curve is flattening, so they need to rethink the issue. Tesla plans to cut production costs in half.

[Musk: lithium conversion plant to be built in North America] Tesla has announced the establishment of a cathode production plant in North America and will establish a lithium conversion plant there. Musk stressed that lithium is a widely available resource and one of the most common resources on earth. Nevada alone is enough to power all vehicles in the United States. The company has obtained a mining right for a lithium bearing soil mine in Nevada, USA.

[Tesla will build batteries directly into the car's structure, reducing the cost per kilowatt hour by 7%] Musk said it would build batteries directly into the car structure, an innovation inspired by the fuel tank on the wing of an aircraft. Structural batteries will reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. This will reduce the total number of parts required (by 370 parts) and speed up production. And most importantly, it will reduce the cost per kilowatt hour by 7%.

[Musk: Tesla starts full life cycle recycling next quarter] Musk said the company plans to take over recycling its own batteries. Tesla will start the process at a plant in Nevada. Currently, Tesla and other companies rely on third-party providers to provide this recycling service. The long-term plan will allow Tesla to build new batteries from old batteries, thereby improving environmental impact.


[Musk: Tesla deliveries will continue to grow by 30% to 40% in 2020] Musk said Tesla deliveries will increase by 50% in 2019, and in 2020, despite the impact of the epidemic, Tesla deliveries will still grow by 30-40%.

[the model s delivery date is set to exceed 520 miles by the end of next year] Tesla announced that the plaid version of the model s is now available for bookings, with a delivery date set for the end of 2021. It will be Tesla's longest range to date, more than 520 miles (836 kilometers). The performance of the model reaches the level of a sports car and can accelerate to 160 mph in less than 2 seconds. The regular version costs $89490 and the three motor version costs $134490.

[orders for more than 600000 electric pickups cybertrucks] Tesla CEO Elon Musk said orders for more than 600000 electric pickup cybertrucks have been received, and sales are expected to reach 250000 to 300000 units a year.

Autopilot [Musk: it will be released in the next month or so to release the test version of the fully automatic driving system Autopilot] Musk said that the average level of autopilot is 2.1 accidents per million miles. If Tesla Autopilot is launched, the accident rate is only 0.3 / million miles. Musk said he believed Tesla's autonomous vehicles would be 10 times safer than humans.

Musk: it is confident that in about three years, it will be able to produce a fully automatic driving car with a price of 25 thousand dollars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that after about three years, he was confident that he could create a very attractive car with a price of $25000. At the same time, we hope to produce about 20 million cars a year, but this will take about 1-3 years to achieve.




[Musk: we hope to have Tesla plants on every continent in the world] musk says our vision is to have our factories on every continent. This will guarantee the liquidity and lead time activities of the company. At present, we have factories in China, two factories in the United States and factories in Europe. We hope to establish factories in Australia in the future.


[Musk: looking forward to the Shanghai plant's production target of 1 million vehicles / year] musk said that Tesla's return in the past year was relatively ideal, and I believe that the future will also be great. In the past year, in terms of plant expansion, our team in Shanghai built the plant within 15 months. Tesla is the only auto company with 100% foreign investment in China. We expect the Shanghai plant to achieve the production target of 1 million vehicles per year.