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Documenting Power Plant Construction on Obi Island (3)

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"At 20:00 p.m. on September 28, Beijing time, the No.1 coal-fired boiler was successfully fired, and the furnace drying stage was started, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent boiler pickling and whole set start-up!" With the news that Zhang Baodong, the general manager of Obi, sent out from the scene at the first time, the whole Lygend international group was boiling. On the occasion of the double festival, the news is encouraging.

The achievements deserve to be congratulated, and the success is hard won.

Since the auxiliary power was received on August 31, 2020, within a short period of less than one month, the miracle of successful ignition of No. 1 coal-fired boiler has been ushered in, which marks that the power plant construction has stepped into a fast track period, a decisive period and a "big test" period. A careful study of this miraculous script is nothing more than the three word pithy of "strict, careful and practical".

1、 Strict requirements on work time

Time is tight and the task is heavy. We need to work together to overcome difficulties. In order to "jam" the working time point of oven drying, the power generation Department mobilized all the personnel in the Department for many times, and timely coordinated the elite and strong generals of the electrical and instrument department, optimized the teams and groups, carefully arranged the control, and carried out continuous operations, so as to fully carry forward the "striving for excellence" With the fearless fighting spirit of "diligent and endless", we strictly require all parties to arrange the work tasks of the day in advance, keep close to the working time of the oven, and spare no effort to overcome all difficulties. We have carried out a comprehensive three-dimensional layout in the five specialties of steam turbine, electrical, thermal control, boiler and peripheral areas. We have conscientiously implemented the work content of the morning and afternoon newspapers, and basically achieved the goal of "everything is arranged and tasks are cleared every day" 。 All parties compared the detailed work schedule in time, understood the progress of the project in real time, analyzed the shortcomings and deficiencies, and studied solutions, which solidly promoted the work progress and reflected the due responsibility.


2、 Do detailed implementation and grasp the working level

A furnace drying work node is decomposed into 47 working "details" by the power generation department in detail, and the work node is dissolved into layers of working faces. At the production site, each team has its own "responsibility field". Some of them are responsible for hanging the signs of steam turbine equipment, some are cleaning up the mechanical tower, some are responsible for the pouring of walls inside the boiler, some are responsible for the protection and debugging of electrical equipment, some are busy in the cable laying trench bridge, some are responsible for the on-site security and logistics work, some are responsible for the air conditioning installation, and some are responsible for the identification Check the standard carefully, find out the hidden danger in time, and ensure the safe production on site. The relevant teams and groups of iron teeth and copper teeth bite the level surface, and the management continuously carries out the inspection and acceptance of each working face, does a good job in the implementation work, actively promotes the project progress, and ensures the smooth implementation of the project node.


3、 Grasp the key points and grasp the working center line

Clear the center, grasp the key points, increase efforts, improve efficiency, and firmly hold the center line of oven work. Although the oven drying work is only a node, it is closely combined with the pickling and pipe blowing nodes behind, and can not be isolated separately. Therefore, other working faces must be considered to complete the drying work. In order to ensure the realization of the task of oven drying node on schedule, the power generation Department divides into four routes, with the main three routes to carry out work around the key central line of oven drying, divide tasks, set targets, limit time and gnaw bones. Taking cable laying as an example, as of September 22, 1568 working days have been put into power generation department. In order to clear away the biggest obstacle that decides whether the nodes of the oven can be realized on schedule and complete the pouring working face in time, the power generation Department consciously organizes and invests manpower for 513 working days, which effectively ensures the timely realization of each node.


Concentrate and gather strength to climb the peak bravely. Next, all levels of the power generation department will continue to race against time, keep pace with the schedule, and keep up with the responsibilities, climbing the mountains of pickling, pipe blowing, joint commissioning and power generation.