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Greetings from the Chairman to All Lygend Employees

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All employees of the company:

In the golden autumn, when the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival are approaching, the company would like to extend our sincere greetings and best wishes to all the employees, especially the employees who have gone far away for thousands of miles to fight overseas, as well as the families of the employees who quietly support the cause of hard work!

The epidemic started at the beginning of the year has not yet recovered. In this global campaign, everyone's work and life are full of difficulties and inconvenience. In particular, our employees, who are far away from home, endure the loneliness in foreign countries and miss their families, but always stick to their posts, work hard, overcome fear and difficulties, and contribute to the company's production, operation and overseas project construction. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to you and your families!

Looking back on the past, all the employees worked hard and bravely forward to fulfill the heavy trust. All business sectors of the company have made many hard won achievements.


Indonesia hpal project is the most important work of the company in 2020. The sudden outbreak of the new crown has interrupted flights between Indonesia and China. Chinese workers who were originally scheduled to enter the construction site after the festival were unable to go to the island, and the manufacturing and delivery of domestic equipment were also forced to delay. With the concerted efforts of OBI Island project management department, Jakarta project company headquarters and Shanghai project department, we overcame many difficulties and obstacles. On the premise of good epidemic prevention measures, we organized hpal and construction company staff to rush to the construction site through the third country transit, airline charter and project special charter, which made the project construction work continuously and steadily promoted. By the end of September, civil engineering and non-standard manufacturing have been completed, 80% of equipment installation has been completed, all main equipment including autoclave have been installed in place, 30000 DWT wharf has been put into use and upgraded to 50000 DWT, No.1 Power Plant is ready for power generation, and it is expected that the main construction of the project will be completed before the year, laying a solid foundation for the first quarter of next year. We are deeply moved by those who braved the epidemic and faced the difficulties!

Similarly, the construction of Indonesia pyrotechnics project, which was planned to start in April, was also interrupted by the epidemic. In the face of the epidemic situation, the fire project team did not relax. They made full use of the time window of the epidemic situation, worked overtime through video conference and other means to complete the work of design optimization, construction bidding and equipment procurement to the maximum extent, striving to do all the work that can be done in the front, so as to win time for the rapid construction after the epidemic situation is stable. Through the joint efforts of the fire method and power plant technical team, many major process, equipment and construction optimization schemes have been implemented, which greatly reduces the project investment and improves the construction efficiency. At present, the fire law team initiated the use of video conference technology exchange, procurement and construction bidding mode, which is becoming the new normal of our company to strengthen internal communication and improve work efficiency.

Due to the impact of the epidemic on Trade and logistics, force logistics trade team is also facing unprecedented pressure. How to stabilize the trade volume and profit and continuously contribute stable cash flow to the company's project construction under the background of the epidemic situation is a great challenge for them. Just after the Spring Festival, the epidemic situation in China is still raging, and the epidemic situation abroad has begun to spread. Colleagues stationed in Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore take the risk of travel infection, rush to work abroad before the flight is interrupted, and continue to carry out trade work through home office, video conference and other means, ensuring the steady development of trade business. In particular, with the continuous spread of the new epidemic situation in Indonesia, the Indonesian team has continuously deployed new businesses in Indonesia. In addition to the steady production of the existing nickel mines, the new nickel mines will be put into operation in October. The domestic trade of Indonesia's nickel mines is rising to 200000 tons / month, and the new businesses such as Indonesia's shipping business are also growing.

At the beginning of the new year, in addition to the sudden attack of the epidemic, Suqian factory is also facing great pressure to shut down two production lines. Under the strong leadership of Suqian management, by the end of September, 145000 tons of ferronickel had been produced in the three production lines in production. It is estimated that the annual output will reach 180000 tons, which has reached a record high. At the same time, in order to ensure the long-term sustainable development of Suqian plant, Suqian team actively explores new growth points. At present, the 200000 ton solid waste collaborative treatment project has been approved and is expected to be put into production by the end of the year. In addition, while focusing on production and technical transformation, Suqian factory actively cooperates with the industry design institute, which is expected to be approved as the national nonferrous smelting standard innovation base within this year, and will carry out pilot test of pyrometallurgical innovation process with the Design Institute in the future.


Facing the future, we have a long way to go. I hope you will continue to carry forward the spirit of "striving for excellence and diligence", and make new achievements in their respective posts, and make joint efforts for Lygend's career dream! While steadily improving nickel ore trade and ferronickel production, we should complete the commissioning and production of hpal project as scheduled, start the construction of pyrotechnic project as soon as possible, and actively explore the cooperation opportunities of Indonesia's follow-up wet pyrotechnic project.

In the next ten years, we will gradually carry out the second and third phases of Indonesia's hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical smelting projects under the premise of completing Obi wet and pyrometallurgical projects, and gradually form the annual production capacity of 500000 tons of nickel and 23000 tons of cobalt, and rank among the top 5 nickel producers in the world.

Looking at the end of the world at this time, we celebrate the festival together. On the occasion of the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival, I sincerely wish all employees and their families a happy holiday! good health!

Ningbo Lygend Resources & Technology Co., Ltd

Chairman: Cai Jianyong