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Documenting Power Plant Construction on Obi Island

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At 8:30 Indonesia time on August 31, 2020, the auxiliary power of 2 × 30MW units of Obi hpal project power plant was successfully powered for one time, and the 10kV auxiliary system was in normal operation, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth promotion of the subsequent commissioning work of the unit.

The receiving of auxiliary power indicates that the construction of power plant will enter a period of fast train, a decisive period and a period of "big test".

To overcome the difficulties, we will go to the next city. In order to ensure the realization of the important node target of the unit auxiliary power receiving as scheduled, all levels of the company's cadres and groups spare no effort to unite with each other, pool their wisdom and make concerted efforts to advance, and deduce a moving heart song of "catching up, doing and forcing".


In June, July and August when we entered the OB Island, the rainstorm was like a note, and it was difficult to move forward. According to statistics, it is less than a week to keep sunny for three months. How to ensure the construction period, the word "catch up" should be the first.

Those who share the same desire will win. In order to effectively overcome the adverse factors of uncertain weather and construction difficulties, the power generation department actively organizes meetings with Jianglian general contractor and power construction unit to study the construction plan, discuss with each other, formulate the construction scheme, and carry out the work according to the situation. For example, it is formulated to organize absolute strength to lay electric primary system cable, indoor cable at thermal control steam turbine side, and implement various miscellaneous and arduous work tasks such as indoor electronic room, engineer station cable, communication line, indoor electric door wiring, etc. after the rain stops, the work method of outdoor related work promotion is effectively utilized, and powerful catch-up is achieved The progress has been achieved, and the target implementation of auxiliary power receiving has been ensured.

The same is true for pouring in furnace. Therefore, in the production site, there is often an interesting phenomenon - Outdoor heavy rain, indoor hot.


The current epidemic, rainy season pressure. Are these factors the decisive factors restricting the achievement? A lot of people who are involved in this situation deny this view. How to achieve the results, the word "do" is the first.

It's natural. According to their own work situation, the power generation Department summarizes the actual situation of the site, adapts to the circumstances, and formulates some small measures, which makes the employees at all levels deeply feel that if they do their work, their achievements will come naturally.

On site construction is full of "own people" labor figure. They are constantly transferring equipment, climbing high and low to lay cables, pouring furnace walls inside and outside, and busy testing before and after It's no use saying more than one word.


Is the personnel determined according to the schedule, or is it arranged according to the personnel? The answer is self-evident. Weekly progress, monthly progress, and how to realize the progress.

Face difficulties with responsibility. "Jianglian international must submit the contact list of signed version of protection setting value to the commissioning group tomorrow morning", "Jiangxi power construction must formulate the implementation plan of cable laying before auxiliary power receiving on August 20" "Must" and "must" are the common expressions in the power plant meetings. Although the language is a little serious and the atmosphere of the meeting is not harmonious, all participants always understand that we are now in a time when the boat is more urgent to wander and people are more steep when they are halfway to the mountain. It is a time when the more difficult and difficult it is to advance, and the more difficult it is to advance, and the more difficult it is to retreat, the more it is impossible to retreat.

In times of hardship and hardship, thunder "forces" people, and the beneficiaries are more than three parties.

If people in power plants are "cruel" to others, in fact, we are not like this to our own people. A small statistical table of "clothes and trousers damage registration" can illustrate the problem.


Only when you have faith in your heart can you go far. The auxiliary power receiving node is only a short-term sign of power plant construction, followed by baking, pickling, pipe blowing, joint commissioning and power generation. Then please let us believe it, a flower in full bloom, there will be thousands of flowers in full bloom!

At the end of the paper, I would like to conclude with a sentence from Liu Feng of Lygend Resources Co., Ltd

Excellent team is like this, together to survive the most difficult days, to share the most difficult time together, to encourage the best tomorrow, to do the most brilliant business together.