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Lygend Formally Appoints Its President

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On the morning of September 16, 2020, the "President appointment ceremony" was solemnly held in the headquarters of Lygend Resources. Cai Jianyong, chairman of the board of directors, together with senior leaders of the company and cadres at or above the director level of each department, attended the meeting, which was presided over by Yuan Shuangcheng, director of human resources.

At the meeting, chairman Cai Jianyong awarded a letter of appointment to President Jiang Xinfang, and formally appointed Jiang Xinfang as the president of Ningbo Lygend Resources & Technology Development Co., Ltd.


(Mr. Cai on the right and Mr. Jiang on the left)

Mr. Cai described the company's development orientation and grand goals, reviewed the process of understanding with Mr. Jiang, and expressed his great pleasure to have Mr. Jiang and Mr. Liu Feng join the team of Lygend and work together for the lofty goal of Lygend. With the development of the industry, the company is making continuous progress and overseas Obi projects are gradually expanding. The company is also facing new pressures and challenges. We should always maintain a sense of urgency and crisis. It is hoped that President Jiang will consider the strategic layout of the whole company, coordinate all resources, actively promote the cooperation between the company and other large enterprises, give full play to support the company's continuous expansion of territory and realize its strategic objectives while doing a good job in overseas Obi projects.


President Jiang expressed his gratitude for Mr.Cai's trust and support, and talked freely about the next work plan and ideas. First of all, the current focus is on Obi project construction, focusing on the company's overall development and medium and long-term development strategy. Efforts should be made to promote the Obi project to reach the production capacity as soon as possible, so as to make the wet process and pyrotechnics project team stronger. Secondly, we should integrate all kinds of resources, seize the rare opportunity of industry development, improve our internal strength, and promote the cooperation projects with the outside world. Thirdly, we should practice and develop the company culture of diligence and advocate the enterprise spirit of daring to be the first and being professional and pragmatic. Fourth, to build a professional and efficient system, with the purpose of pragmatic, efficient and goal-oriented, actively learn from the excellent management experience of other enterprises, and improve the company's operation and management. Fifthly, cultivate and introduce excellent talent team. Talents are the core assets of Lygend. The rapid development of the company cannot do without the participation of external talents. The company has the ability to introduce the best talents in China and even in the whole industry. Sixth, fully support the work of colleagues, fully share the resources of the whole company, maximize the utilization of resources, and work together to promote the realization of the strategic goal of diligence.

Looking forward to the future, Lygend will attract and gather all kinds of excellent talents, accelerate the pace, and step up to a higher level of development, and become a leading international brand in the global nickel industry.