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Lygend Resources Signing Strategic Procurement Agreement with GEM

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Since the construction of Indonesia nickel cobalt hydrometallurgy HPAL project invested and operated by Lygend resources, it has been widely observed in the industry. Recently, Lygend company has signed a strategic sales agreement with GEM Co., Ltd., an influential customer of battery materials in the industry. The senior management of both sides attached great importance to the cooperation. On August 29, a formal signing ceremony was held in Jingmen Park of GEM. The strategic sales agreement was signed by Professor Xu Kaihua, chairman of greenmei group, and Mr. Cai Jianyong, chairman of Lygend resources. Wang Min, director of greenmei group, Zhou Bo, chairman of the board of supervisors, Fei Feng, executive deputy general manager of Lygend resources, and Liu Feng, deputy general manager of Lygend resources, attended the signing ceremony. According to the agreement, HPAL will provide stable MHP, nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate and other raw materials to GEM Co., Ltd. after the formal operation of the project. This sales will effectively guarantee the future sales of HPAL project products, and lay a good foundation for stable operation of the project and early realization of profitability. At the same time, this agreement will also provide stable raw materials for GEM, which will further enhance its supply guarantee ability and core competitiveness in the global ternary battery raw material manufacturing field.


At the signing ceremony, Mr. Xu Kaihua, chairman of GEM, congratulated Lygend on the steady progress of the project. Under the strong guarantee of Lygend nickel cobalt raw materials, the company will become stronger and bigger and make better contributions to the new energy industry. Mr. Cai Jianyong, chairman of Lygend Resources Co., Ltd., expressed his cooperation tenet of mutual benefit and mutual benefit. Thanks for the strong support of GEM, he insisted on customer-oriented, improved product quality and service awareness, and better served the industry.


GEM is a leading manufacturer of precursor and battery materials in China. With the development strategy of "urban mines + new energy materials", it has built a large cycle industrial chain of waste batteries and power batteries. It is the world's largest re-manufacturing base of ternary power raw materials and an excellent practitioner of practicing China's green development concept. The battery materials produced by the company are highly recognized by world-class battery customers, and have great development potential in new energy vehicles and other industries.

Lygend resources will strive to promote the project construction, ensure that the HPAL project is put into operation as soon as possible, and make contributions to the new energy industry together with downstream customers.