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Successful commissioning of air compressor station of the first set of main process equipment in Obi nickel cobalt project

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In order to cooperate with a series of cold water test run of autoclaves, 605 and 902 linkage test run was successfully carried out as a typical successful test run of the first unit of OBI island main process.

There is no leakage in the lubricating parts of the equipment, the operation sound is normal, and there is no abnormal vibration; all kinds of control and protection devices are sensitive; all instruments are normal. MHP workshop staff bear the "military order", keep a close eye on the "countdown", with "letter of responsibility" in their heart and "battle plan" in their hands, conduct pressure step by step, implement responsibilities layer by layer, and lead the first-class cadres. Looking back on the early days, we can still remember the preparations for the test run.


In order to ensure the quality and progress of infrastructure construction, installation and other projects, and eliminate the simple test run that does not meet the conditions, from November 5, the third bid section organized many professional personnel from the engineering department, equipment department, production department, electrical instrument department, technology department, design ENFI company, supervision CCID company to inspect the final project, and formed the completion schedule, which was detailed to the day, accurate to the piece, and required the construction unit In the process of construction, all the staff of the company closely follow the time node, the relevant person in charge supervises the operation on site, the workshop recording personnel stay at the construction site, and report the problems in time.

In order to reduce the pressure of the construction party, the workshop took the initiative to clean the 605 cold water pool and clean the engineering waste of 605 and 902, creating a good situation of clean test site and smooth road. In order to do a better job of sanitation, workshop director Wang Zhucheng coordinated the Baoye pipeline team to install ground flushing branch pipes on the water pipes of the two subprojects, installed warehouse sewage pumps in the gutter sump, and transferred the workshop to the on-site staff to use temporary buckets to wipe each equipment waiting for operation.

In order to make the test run smoothly, under the guidance of Shi Wentang's deputy general manager, the test run plan was discussed and finalized in the form of meeting for many times. It is required that all staff in the workshop should learn the system operation procedures before the test run; it is required that all staff should participate in the test run, the management personnel should coordinate the overall situation, the test run work should be detailed according to the actual operation situation, and the tasks should be assigned to individuals; it is required that the commander should be clear in the test run process, the unified command should be achieved, the instruction is unique and clear, and the specially assigned person should contact the electrical instrument department to adjust the frequency of 605 circulating water pump to ensure the information Smooth, timely communicate and report to solve problems found, avoid private operation; require the development of test plan, solve test problems, and deal with emergency situations.

In view of the short service time of the factory agent, the workshop organized everyone to learn the knowledge of the air compressor in advance. The 113 site office was equipped with a workshop training room. Zhu Jifeng, engineer of the equipment department, was invited to train the theoretical knowledge of the water, oil and gas circuits of the air compressor. Combining theory with practice, everyone marked all kinds of equipment and pipelines, and learned the equipment installation and operation materials. The workshop takes the production department as the core, establishes a perfect training mechanism, designates a training specialist to strengthen the training organization, formulates a training plan, and establishes a staff training file. With a continuous and strict attitude, it organizes a comprehensive assessment in all aspects, and strengthens the training effect of the workshop.

In order to ensure the safety during the test run, safety warning signs were hung in the plant in advance, and "quality and safety go hand in hand, efficiency and speed go hand in hand" was successfully achieved. The workshop requires that the personnel participating in the test run must wear all kinds of labor protection articles; all test run personnel must prevent electric shock, mechanical injury, wrong operation, falling and collision; the power supply must be cut off when parking. The workshop has set up a special person to supervise, set up a warning line in the test run area, forbid non test run personnel to enter, apply for fire extinguisher in advance, and set up fire-fighting facilities in the dangerous and flammable parts of the test run.

The problem of water leakage in the cooling tower chassis was finally solved by Qingfeng company under the coordination of deputy general manager Zhang Lei. On November 9, the workshop proposed that the sewage pipe in the cold water pool was too long, and finally decided to reserve a length of 100 mm according to the design, which solved the problem that the sewage could not be discharged completely. The workshop shall organize all professional personnel to repeatedly check and finally confirm before commissioning, and carefully make inspection records. From the initial stage of equipment and pipeline installation, a special person responsible system shall be set up. Before the test run, all the inspection parties worked together and cooperated with each other. The whole inspection work was detailed, complete and practical.

After the joint efforts of many departments, the workshop organized the construction unit to start the test run of the first equipment: single circulating pump on November 30 after 605 was powered on, followed by the test run of cooling tower and fan, and completed the 605 linkage test run.

On December 20, after the isolation of the air compressor factory, we immediately went to the site to check the installation of the equipment. The next day, we began to debug the 1# oil-free air compressor. From 5:00 p.m. on the 21st to 5:00 p.m. on the 22nd, the 1# oil-free air compressor ran continuously for 24 hours, successfully completed the test run task, and simultaneously tested 2# oil-free air compressor, 1# and 2# micro oil air compressor. By December 24, each unit had been running steadily for more than 24 hours, and the water linkage test objectives of 605 and 902 were successfully completed, which laid a foundation for the subsequent cold, hot water and load test of other sub items.


Under the normal operation of the equipment, on December 24, the equipment department organized relevant personnel to participate in the air compressor factory representative training course. In this training, the on-the-job personnel of the third standard have a full understanding of the start-up and shutdown equipment, process, pipelines and valves. In the future, we will, as always, strengthen the daily inspection of on-site mechanical equipment, timely eliminate the hidden dangers of equipment, ensure the good operation of equipment, strengthen the maintenance, cooling and lubrication management of equipment, and the workshop will continue to be standardized, rationalized and institutionalized.


In the whole process, the team construction, production, technology and on-site management of the workshop have been strengthened, and a hard-working staff team has been successfully cultivated. Under the epidemic situation, all the staff in the workshop fully obey the leadership arrangement, and interpret "striving for excellence and endless diligence" with practical actions. The results of the test run are remarkable, the basic management work is gradually improved, and various systems are becoming more and more perfect. With the attitude of "starting is a sprint, and starting is a decisive battle", the workshop staff once again won the time.