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中国化学工程第六建设有限公司何志彪经理、重庆赛迪工程咨询公司陈再经理分别代表施工单位和监理单位,HPAL项目印方最高领导Rico 代表全体印方员工,分别进行了表态发言。表示在下一步项目实施的过程中,将继续发扬不怕苦、不怕累的精神,精诚合作、共同奋进,保质保量早日完工,实现达标、达产,创建镍钴行业的又一精品工程。



Construction work for

Nickle-Sulfate Contract commence as party of

Lygend’s OBI Ni-Co Project


Construction work for Lygend HPAL’s Nickle-Sulfate Contract commenced in the morning of March 12th Indonesia local time at OBI Island. The Project will benefit from the rich resources of Ni-Co on OBI Island and produce Nickle Sulfate and Cobalt Sulfate, which are the materials for New-Energy Car Batteries. This is another milestone success for the cooperation between Lygend  and Indonesian partner in laterite-nickel mining industry and is also a great success in the Chinese government’s belt-and-road practice, opening a new page for the Chinese Government and the Indonesia Governments in new-energy-material cooperation.


Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 recently in China which somehow impacted the progress of our Nickle-Sulfate project, the Lygend people are nevertheless fearless in tackling this difficult situation and managed to finish the bidding and contracting work for the project within limited time, ensuring the project moves forward well on track. The Nickle-Sulfate project is an extension to HPAL’s Ni-Co Leaching Project, which will give further process to the MHP and is expected to have an annual production of 160,000 tons of Nickel-Sulfate and 20,000 tons of Cobalt-Sulfate.

The ceremony started at 10:18 AM hosted by Mr. Yu Hai, Deputy Chief of HPAL and was witnessed by an audience of over 100 people including HPAL as the Owner, China National Chemical Engineering Sixth Construction Co.,Ltd as the Contractor, CISDI as the Consultant and ENFI as the Designer.


Mr. Wang Xishun, Site Deputy General Manager of HPAL, first delivered his speech to give his thanks to senior management of Lygend and Indonesian partner for their support as well as to give his congratulations to China National Chemical Engineering Sixth Construction Co.,Ltd for winning the contract. The commencement of construction for the Nickle-Sulfate Contract is an achievement of joint efforts from all the parties and he hopes the parties work closer and harder in the future to achieve even greater success for our project.

Following Mr. Wang’s speech, Mr. He Zhibiao, Manager of China National Chemical Engineering Sixth Construction Co.,Ltd, Mr. Chen Zai, Manger of CISDI, Mr. Rico, Supreme Leader of HPAL Indonesia Party representing the whole Indonesia staff, also delivered their speeches respectively. They said they will be fearless and work even harder in the future and will work closely with all other parties to ensure the project will be put into production as early as possible and to achieve another success case in NiCo industry.

Mr. Cao Yongjian, Chief Engineer of HPAL, Mr. Song Yongping, Head of Production Department, also attended the ceremony.