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Lygend resources sent banners to the medical workers

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At the beginning of June 2021,Lygend Resources sent the banner with the words "People are heartless about the epidemic, send coal to warm people's hearts in the snow" to medical workers in Dongwu Town Health Center, Dongcheng Community Health Service Center, Maoshan Health Center in Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District, and Xianxiang Central Health Center.  The company would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all the medical staff who have been working hard in the front line of fighting against the epidemic and working tirelessly to provide vaccination services for the company's employees.    


Since the outbreak of the epidemic,Lygend Resources has been actively donating money and materials to fulfill its social responsibilities and demonstrate its corporate responsibility. At the same time, in order to ensure the health and safety of employees, the company actively organizes expatriates to receive COVID-19 vaccination before going abroad. In the face of the urgent schedule of overseas projects and the huge overseas team, the relevant departments of Ningbo Municipal Government provided timely assistance, coordinated medical resources, linked up with the health centers in Yinzhou District, provided vaccination services for the company's personnel going abroad, and effectively constructed a safe and reliable epidemic prevention barrier for the employees of the company. Up to now,Lygendemployees have vaccinated 2,476 people in Yinzhou Dongwu Town Health Center, Yinzhou Dongcheng Community Health Service Center, Yinzhou Jiangshan Town Maoshan Health Center and Yinzhou Xianxiang Central Health Center. In the OBI project ofLygendIndonesia, 93.19% of the Chinese people on the island received the new coronavirus vaccine, effectively preventing further infection of the overseas epidemic.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the vast number of medical workers have fought tenaciously and hard. They are the mainstay of the line of fire and the backbone of the battle against the epidemic. We pay the highest tribute to all medical workers. As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, we can only do our best to actively cooperate to win this protracted war.