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Lygend Resources participated in the seminar of "One Belt One Road" for Nonferrous Metal Standard Interconnection

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On June 3, 2021, the "Belt And Road" Seminar on Nonferrous Metal Standards Connectivity was held in Kunming University of Science and Technology.  The seminar was guided by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and China Nonferrous Metals Society, hosted by National Technical Standards Innovation Base (Nonferrous Metals), and undertaken by  Lygend Resources, Kunming University of Science and Technology, China Enfei Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Innovation and Development Committee.  Chairman Cai Jianyong attended the meeting.  At the same time, the seminar invited a number of non-ferrous metal industry and standardization research experts, well-known scholars and industry celebrities to carry out all-round, multi-angle in-depth interpretation of the development of non-ferrous metal and national standardization strategy, to discuss the development of non-ferrous metal standardization together.  


At the seminar, Jia Mingxing, vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, said that the "Belt And Road" seminar was an important meeting for the nonferrous metals industry to explore Chinese standards going global.  Nonferrous metal mineral resources in China several years of growth and yield, Chinese companies increasingly affected by factors such as the international, with the aid of the area along the "economic and trade cooperation and standard unicom's national strength, with the aid of the technology, equipment, engineering and production superiority, with the help of our long-term efforts, in the standard internationalization have created favorable conditions for non-ferrous metal standard to go out.  It is hoped that through the ideological collision of this seminar, we can gather our wisdom and lay a foundation for the formation of linkage between upper and lower levels, linkage between production, university and research, and linkage between technology and capital, provide a thought and a plan for standards to go global, and explore a road to guarantee the safety and stability of China's nonferrous metal industry chain and supply chain and the competitiveness of the international market.  


At the opening ceremony,  Lygend Resources was awarded the "Chinese Standard Overseas Demonstration Project".  In 2018, the company built a high pressure acid leaching project of laterite nickel ore in Ob Island, Indonesia, and the first phase of the project was officially put into operation in April 2021.  In 2019, the company continued to build iron and nickel smelting projects on Ob Island, Indonesia, making the Ob Island Nickel Industrial Park the first in the world to have both laterite nickel hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical smelting capabilities.  During the construction of the park, we actively participated in the standardization work of "One Belt And One Road" construction, adhered to the high standard of international standards, helped Chinese standards go global, and made the project an overseas successful model of "One Belt And One Road" Chinese standards.  


Experts and scholars from related units all over the country also made wonderful academic reports in this seminar, and had detailed exchanges with teachers and students from Kunming University of Science and Technology in terms of development and standardization research of nonferrous metal industry.  At the end of the seminar, the seminar organizing committee jointly released the "Kunming Initiative for the Internationalization of the Belt and Road Nonferrous Metal Standards", which proposed to support and serve the major strategic deployment of the country's high-level opening up, highly understand the importance of connecting the "One Belt And One Road" of nonferrous metal standards, and establish an international nonferrous metal standardization alliance.  It plays an important role in building a standard cooperation and research platform, supporting the construction of a low-carbon standard system that helps "carbon reach the peak and carbon neutral", strengthening school-enterprise cooperation and jointly promoting the high-quality development of the nonferrous metal industry.