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Lygend Resources launched the management consulting project "Learn from Huawei"

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In order to support the rapid development of the company and establish a standardized talent management system, the company launched a management consulting project "Learn from Huawei".  Lygend Resourcess on May 18, 2021, force was held in ningbo headquarters "learn from huawei" management consulting project kick-off meeting, the chairman, President and Cai Jianyong Jiang Xinfang subsidiary, each department supervisor and above staff, general manager, department head and HR staff attended the conference, human resources director Yuan into as the moderator.  


At the meeting, the chairman Cai Jianyong elaborated the background and significance of the company to start the consulting project.  After more than ten years of rapid development, the company's business is diversified, overseas projects are gradually put into production, the talent team is constantly growing, and the internal management is facing greater challenges.  Establish a standardized management system;  Forming a good talent echelon to ensure the training and delivery of talents;  Building a fair and just assessment and incentive mechanism has become the top priority for the company to enhance its core competitiveness and realize its value.  

Chen Yudian, an expert who has worked in Huawei for many years (Zhejiang Bode Enabling Consulting Co., Ltd.), gave a detailed introduction on the project framework and operation norms, and shared the wonderful content of Huawei's human resource management system.  The whole consulting project will be implemented for three years, and the talent management system with Lygend characteristics will be built in three stages.  In the first stage, the company will seek the pain points and needs of the company from the perspective of human resources planning framework, organizational control, performance management, salary incentive and other aspects, design solutions, and comprehensively carry out reform in a one-year period.  


President Jiang Xinfang analyzed the development status of the company and put forward specific requirements for the project development.  First of all, the grand ten-year development strategy of Lygend needs to be matched with stronger organizational capabilities. The organizational structure, division of responsibilities and rights, position system and performance appraisal system of the group and the business department all need to be further improved.  Second, we should establish and optimize the performance appraisal system, implement the equity incentive plan, and retain the existing professional talent team.  Third, it is necessary to strengthen the training of talent reserve force and establish a fair mechanism for talent introduction and evaluation.  General Manager Jiang pointed out that this project is a master project, the leaders of all departments, subsidiaries and relevant departments must pay more attention to, actively participate in;  In the process of implementation, we should put forward real needs, set nodes according to plan, transfer responsibility to people, timely communicate with them when finding problems, and ensure the successful completion of the project.  

The opening meeting of this project marks that while Lygend's business is developing rapidly, it also focuses on the standardization and improvement of internal management, solidifies internal management, and has a milestone significance for the future development and strategic realization of Lygend