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OBI project site to hold Chinese level 3 staff meeting

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At 19:30 on May 7, Indonesia Eastern Time, the 2021 HPAL&HJF on-site Chinese level 3 staff meeting was held in the Chinese canteen of PT.HPAL's new camp.Jiang Xinfang, president of Lygend Resources, general manager of Business Division and general director of OBI project, Zhang Baodong, general manager of HPAL&HJF site and executive deputy general director of OBI project, and Wang Duodong, chief engineer of Lygend Business Division and deputy general director of OBI project, are seated on the podium.Yu Hai, deputy general manager of HJF site and deputy general director of OBI project presided over the meeting.Key staff of college students in the island attended the meeting as non-voting delegates. Relevant leaders and colleagues in Shanghai and Jakarta connected the meeting synchronously.

First of all, General Manager Jiang announced "Decision on Adjusting the Organizational Management Structure of Project Development Division and Appointing and Removing Some Personnel" and "Decision on Adjusting the Organizational Structure of OBI Project Headquarters".Then, General Manager Zhang read out two documents: "Appointment and Level Adjustment of HPAL Chinese Employees above Level 3" and "Appointment of HJF Chinese Employees above Level 4".After that, Yu read out the "HPAL Chinese staff pilot production subsidy provisional provisions."Finally, President Jiang Xinfang made a concluding speech.




Picture of the meeting scene

General Jiang first to the management of the organizational structure of the adjustment for an explanation.Mr. Jiang pointed out that with the continuous development and expansion of OBI project, it is very necessary to integrate the material and human resources of HPAL and HJF in the island.The two companies have to do their own things and share their resources.As the top leader of OBI site construction and resource coordination, each project team and each joint leading group should continue to carry forward the spirit of sincere cooperation and rising to the challenge, obey the command and unite as one.Continue to promote the subsequent MHP Phase II, Phase II Sulfuric Acid, Nickel Sulfate, RKEF, Phase II Wet Process Power Plant, Phase II Fire Process Power Plant and OBI wharf projects in OBI Island, so as to make steady progress and win victory one by one.For regular business organization structure adjustment, puts forward the division jiang to take "project leader responsibility system + professional horizontal management" mode of organization, and emphatically clear about the location of construction management department: under the department of unified coordination management, actively cooperate with the project construction and installation project establishment, project progress, project quality management personnel work of the machine allocation.

Secondly, General Manager Jiang gave affirmation to the work of HPAL project entering the trial production stage and put forward requirements.First, we should quickly improve the staffing of posts, prepare the second and third echelons of personnel in advance, and cultivate reserve forces.Second, to strengthen the production of raw materials, spare parts inventory, procurement linkage management.Third, we should pay attention to the statistics, analysis and management of key indicators such as production consumption, cost, output and quality, improve the index data analysis system, and strive to reach the production standard as soon as possible.Fourthly, in order to thank and commend the Chinese employees who participated in the construction of HPAL project, the company decided to award the production award in the near future.

Thirdly, Mr. Jiang praised the construction of sub-projects such as HJF thermal smelting and power plant project. By drawing on the construction experience of HPAL project, the two projects have basically made sufficient preparation for construction of roads, drainage and storage yards.Design, procurement, construction and other links are well connected;The construction progress is rapid.Mr. Jiang pointed out that we should take OBI project as the blueprint to continuously improve Lygend ability in construction and management of projects, and realize the overall planning of Lygend India's follow-up projects steadily and steadily.

Finally, President Jiang once again proclaimed the concept of "building OBI our common home" of Chairman Cai Jianyong.It reiterates that the development of Lygend enterprise should allow employees to share the development achievements of the company, and through the construction of OBI project, OBI island should become a common home for employees of China and India, so as to truly benefit the local people and residents.Mr. Jiang said, "I look forward to the managers present here, through their own management and work, on the premise of accomplishing the company's business objectives, truly benefit the people around them, build leadership in the team, and improve the performance and cohesion of the department!"


Picture of the meeting scene