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For the first time, Lygend obtained AEO certification from the General Administration of Customs of RPC

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In March 2021, Lygend  has been working hard for more than three months, and successfully passed the AEO certification of the General Administration of customs, and successfully connected with the international AEO, laying a solid foundation for further excellence and strengthening overseas market.

On the afternoon of April 2, 2021, director Zhaojun of Yinzhou customs visited Lygend Resources Technology Development Co., Ltd. for inspection and issued AEO certification enterprise certificate to the company. Caijianyong, chairman of Lygend  resources and colleagues from the company attended the certification ceremony.


At the meeting, caijianyong, chairman of Lygend resources, presented to Zhaojun and his team the on-site developments and latest progress of "OBI nickel cobalt smelting project" and "RKEF pyrometallurgy nickel metal smelting project" jointly invested by Lygend and Khalida group in Indonesia, and detailed the construction scale, land occupation, innate advantages, production plan and future outlook of the company.

Zhaojun affirmed one of the one belt, one road practitioner of Lygend resources, a good development momentum and prospect for Ningbo's leading enterprises. Zhaojun detailed the role and help of Customs certification to enterprises. Customs certification builds a partnership between customs and enterprises, and helps enterprises realize trade security and convenience. The business reputation of enterprises certified by customs will be greatly improved in customers and customs. The specific advantages of the above mentioned are that the inspection rate of import and export declaration of goods of certified enterprises is nearly 50% lower than that of the enterprises without certification; the clearance time limit is 18% faster than that of the unlicensed enterprises, and the customs inspection rate will also be greatly reduced. 

Zhaojun affirmed the positive preparation of Lygend  resources for certification since october2020. Lygend  resources carefully interpret the requirements of Customs for certification enterprises, actively prepare certification materials, so that the certification work can be carried out smoothly, and also lay a solid foundation for further advanced certification in the future. 

Zhaojun believes that Lygend resources is a high-quality enterprise in Ningbo, which is in the forefront of development. It is not only qualified to obtain the general enterprise certification certificate, but also fully qualified to apply for the advanced certification from the customs. The customs will maximize the possibility to make such high-quality enterprises enjoy the benefits brought by the advanced certification.