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Lygend HPAL: scientific development towards deep "green"

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Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, pointed out that achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is the most urgent mission in the world today. At present, a "climate war" is starting. More than 110 countries and nearly two-thirds of the world's GDP are turning to zero carbon economy. Among them, 28 countries have clearly proposed the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by the middle of this century.

Facing the global trend of carbon neutralization and the "star sea" of zero carbon development, Lygend Resources Technology Development Co., Ltd. is committed to the comprehensive development and utilization of laterite nickel resources with the scientific development concept, and with unprecedented investment, it is committed to jointly create new with the majority of partners, aiming to make "green" nickel enter thousands of households, thousands of businesses and accelerate carbon neutralization.


Recently, Cai Jianyong, chairman of  Lygend Resources Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Jiang Xinfang, President of Ningbo Lygend Resources Technology Development Co., Ltd., went to Nanchang, Jiangxi Province to attend the "Indonesia Obi Island photovoltaic power generation project exchange meeting" held in Jiangxi Power Construction New Energy Research Institute, China Power Construction group. Zou Shengping, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Jiangxi Power Construction Co., Ltd., deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of the company, attended the meeting The director and general manager gave a warm reception to Xiaobin and other relevant leaders.

At the exchange meeting, chairman Cai Jianyong talked about Lygend's green and low-carbon development strategy, and first introduced the HPAL project invested and constructed by the company in Obi Island, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. The main products of the project are nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfate, the main raw materials of new energy vehicle power battery. The most environmentally friendly smelting process recognized by the industry - high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) is used for nickel cobalt smelting, and the most advanced third generation HPAL technology is adopted. With the spirit of "striving for excellence and endless diligence", Lygend strives to develop environmental protection products and clean metals.

Reducing carbon emissions


President Jiang Xinfang further introduced the energy consumption of HPAL process. HPAL process has been developed for more than 60 years, and its technology is becoming more and more perfect. The third generation HPAL technology optimizes and improves the process, key equipment and materials of the first and second generation technology, which makes the industrial production more stable, the production and operation cost lower, and the metal recovery rate higher. The key advantage is that the power demand is very low, and the energy consumption is only one fifth of the technical route of submerged arc furnace.

As the construction unit of Lygend Indonesia HPAL project power plant, the leaders of Jiangxi power construction company have a deeper understanding of Lygend's green and low-carbon development. Zou Shengping, chairman of Jiangxi Power Construction Co., Ltd., and Xiang Xiaobin, general manager of Jiangxi Power Construction Co., Ltd., agreed that Lygend HPAL power plant project adopted more efficient power generation equipment and technology, which effectively reduced carbon emissions. Because in the implementation of the project, HPAL power plant has selected the high and low speed differential fluidized bed boiler, which is more advanced than the mainstream fluidized bed boiler technology. It is suitable for wider types of coal and has high combustion efficiency. Its atmospheric emission index has reached China's ultra-low emission level and far exceeds Indonesia's national environmental protection requirements.

To "dark green" and "win" to the future


Chairman Cai Jianyong also talked with great interest about the solar power generation project on the roof of OBI Island permanent camp which is being actively promoted. The power generation capacity of the project is about 5MWp, and it will soon take root in Obi Island, Indonesia. At that time, the solar power project will form a "smart" energy power generation system with the existing coal power generation system in the park, which organically combines peak shaving, energy storage and electricity balance. At the same time, Lygend company is also stepping up the preliminary work evaluation of some hydropower projects with great potential. President Jiang Xinfang also introduced the "reforestation" project of OBI project to you. While constructing the project, Lygend will timely repair the soil and vegetation, strictly control all kinds of emission indicators, and "return the mountains and rivers to green, and protect the ocean to blue".

We firmly believe that controlling the total amount of fossil energy, striving to improve the utilization efficiency and implementing the renewable energy substitution action will help the efforts to "dark green" and "win" the future "!