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Obi project delivers good news three times a day

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 Obi project

On March 18, Obi island had a clear sky and overcast rainy season for several months! With the efforts of all the construction personnel to meet the difficulties and seize the construction period,  Obi project is bearing fruit and good news!

Good news one

Hpal phase II General cargo terminal starts smoothly


At 7:30 Indonesia Eastern time, the main leaders and staff representatives of China and India of hpal company, as well as the personnel of China Construction port company, the construction party, gathered at hpal phase I wharf to attend the commencement ceremony of hpal phase II General cargo wharf.

Sun Chengfeng, project manager of CSCEC port, Li Yu, safety director, and Pak Rico, Indonesia's top leader of hpal, delivered speeches successively. Hu Honggen, the person in charge of OBI wharf, made an encouraging speech on behalf of the owner, hoping that the project will be completed on schedule and have the berthing conditions of 38000 tons by the end of this year. Subsequently, Zhang Baodong, general manager of hpal, announced the formal commencement of phase II wharf.


Good news 2

Start furnace drying and ignition in hpal sulphur burning sulphuric acid plant


At 8:58 Indonesia Eastern time, the baking and ignition ceremony of No.1 sulfur incinerator in hpal sulphur burning sulphuric acid plant bid section officially started. Song Yongping, director of the production department of hpal company, presided over the ceremony. Lu Huayu, on-site project manager of the general contractor, delivered a speech on behalf of the general contractor and the construction party. Zhang Baodong, on-site general manager of hpal company, fully affirmed the contribution of all parties to the project and put forward higher requirements. He hoped that the construction party and sulfuric acid workshop would continue to make efforts to ensure the safety and smooth commissioning of sulfuric acid and the supply demand of sulfuric acid and steam for smelting. 9: 08, Zhang Baodong successfully completed the ignition ceremony with a torch!

The civil construction of the acid making section began on March 14, 2019, and the equipment installation began on October 13, 2019. After two years of construction, the installation of the equipment has been basically completed, and the equipment has entered the stage of single test and joint test. The baking of the sulfur incinerator and the boiling out of the waste heat boiler are of great significance. It also indicates that the bid section has entered the stage of comprehensive single test and joint test, which is of great significance for the coming comprehensive trial production.


Good news 3

 The first steel structure column of nickel sulfate project was successfully hoisted


At 9:58, Indonesia Eastern time, the first steel structure column of OBI nickel sulfate project was started to be hoisted, marking the start of ground steel structure installation stage of nickel sulfate field project, laying a solid foundation for commissioning in early 2022.

Since the start of the nickel sulfate project, the civil work has been carried out with all strength. Although there are many difficulties and problems in the project, the project team firmly believes that "there are more ways than difficulties"! With the sincere unity and concerted efforts of the owner, the construction party and the supervision unit, we believe that the nickel sulfate project will be able to complete the test run at the beginning of next year as scheduled!